Our History

Tamahintai history

Shihan Rafaelangel Canquiz began his studies when he was 13 years old and Shihan Francys Fermín at the same time but at 9 years old, both from the city of Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui state, Venezuela. At the beginning of the path of martial arts, both experienced some changes in styles such as Shito Ryu and finally settled in Goju Ryu, where they met when they were very young and benefited from studying with Sensei Wilfredo Delgado from whom they obtained the degree of black belts, about 10 years later in 1996. During that time they will also be able to participate in organizations such as IOGKF, UCHIAGE KAY, UGKV and the TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL (TMAI) founded and directed by master Hanshi Anthony Márquez in Glendora California USA, where they have been doing martial life since their affiliation for more than 20 years. Over time they have managed to expand in different locations. The first Dojo was called DOJO BUDOKAN GOJU RYU in the period 1998 - 2001, where Senseis Francys Fermín and Sensei Carlis Obando participated as assistant trainers at that time. That same year 2001 for reasons of transfer of the town and expansion of spaces Shihan Rafael Canquiz and Shihan Francys Fermín decide to make a name change and formalize a non-profit sports FOUNDATION for the practice, sports education and promotion of martial arts under the Direction of Traditional Martial Arts International, creating a proper name combined between Harmony, Spirituality and Martial Art, is where TAMASHINTAI was born, whose meaning was given as: HEART, SOUL and SPIRIT. Sensei Carlis Obando becomes a formal member of the project and it is in TAMASHINTAI Dojo where the foundations and her trajectory are consolidated to continue the process of teaching children, youth and adults, thus managing to develop many black belts. Over time, it begins to expand its headquarters in the following cities:

● Between 2001 and 2004 there is a period of transition and test of TMAI in the country and it is in 2004 when a great door is opened, since Shihan Rafaelangel Canquiz is officially appointed as Technical Director for Venezuela. Continuing in its development that same year, the Foundation makes an expansion in the city of Puerto Píritu which is directed by Sensei Yelitza Campos, who from a very young age led a martial life with the teachers, currently an active member of the TMAI Organization.
● In 2010, the brothers Senseis Javmar Díaz and Argenis Díaz, who were also trained in the group of black belts during the first years before joining the Foundation, were contacted.
● In October 2012 a new headquarters was born, Dojo Tamashintai Caribeann Mall by Shihans Rafaelangel Canquiz and Francys Fermín, however this headquarters is currently managed by Sensei Carlis Obando and Senpai Emilly González.
● In January 2013, the Diaz Brothers project was completed, also active with the headquarters of the Tamashintai Diaz Dojo.
● In November 2016, one of the most important and main phases of this great project began, traveling to the United States to study directly and expand knowledge with Master Hanshi Anthony Marquez, Founder of TMAI.
● Currently in 2019 the Dojo Tamashintai USA is founded. Directed by Shihan Rafael Canquiz and Shihan Francys Fermín, advancing very firmly every day. 


The inclusion within the curriculum of the Foundation and Organization is to professionally serve students from 4 years of age, including people with physical or intellectual disabilities, both men and women, since we have a large Staff of University Professionals in addition to extensive experience in martial arts. This practice has allowed the formation of family groups for many years, the formation of black belts and continuous growth, thus expanding through different communities and even internationally. Today our institutional motto is to train lucky people, fully in tune with the present and the future.


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